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The Made by Moms Pumping Band™ allows a breastfeeding mother to have full use of her hands while pumping. A mother can engage in light activity or movement and not worry about spilling her expressed milk. It also maintains proper suction between the mother and the pump so each of her pumping sessions can reach optimal success.

Innovative design. Easy on and off Velcro closures. When it's time to pump, simply wrap the Pumping Band around your chest or over your nursing bra (after lowering the nursing panels and exposing the breasts). There is no need to disrobe.

Patent-pending buttonhole openings. Slip each breast shield into the buttonhole openings to securely hold the collecting bottles.
One-size-fits-all. Velcro back allows for one-size-fits-all. You may periodically adjust the Velcro back to accommodate your changing profile.

Neckstrap. Adjustable Velcro neckstrap for added comfort and support.
Universal. Works with most battery, electric and manual breastpumps.
Professional Information
As a lactation consultant or health care professional, you play an important role in educating mothers about products that can help support their breast feeding decision. The Made by Moms Pumping Band™ can significantly aid a mother that uses a breastpump. In an independent study conducted using our product, 80% said they would pump longer because our product made it more comfortable and convenient for them to do so. If you would like to order pamphlets about our product to distribute at educational classes or to mothers, please contact us at Please include your name, address, phone number and quantity you would like to receive. For ordering our product, please call for quantity discounts.


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